Square Skylights - Options

Square Skylight Domes Perth Square Skylights - Dome Options
Opal (Acrylic or Polycarbonate)
Light transmission - 79%.
Suitable for the majority of situations.

Clear (Acrylic or Polycarbonate)
Light transmission - 92%.
Suitable for situations where shaft lengths exceed 3m, or other conditions that reduce available light.

Heatstop (Specialised Acrylic)
Light transmission - 51%.
Suitable for extreme situations only.

Skylight Roof Types Roof Types
Our square skylights are available for all roof types.
Square Skylight Diffusers Diffusers
1. Pattern 12 - Clear or Opal Acrylic or Polycarbonate.
2. Pattern 15 - Clear Acrylic.
3. Seadrift - Clear Acrylic.
4. Glocell - Opal Acrylic.

Flat opal acrylic with no pattern is also available.

Skylights Flexi Tube Flexi Ducting
For use with Direct Skylights brand
Skylight Colorbond Duct ColourBond Ducting
For use with Direct Skylights brand
also used with Sunlite brand.
Skylight Coreflute Duct Coreflute Ducting
For use with Sunlite brand.
Skylights Lead Lights Leadlights
Enhance the beauty of your Skylight with the addition of an optional Leadlight Diffuser.
Skylight Exhaust Fan Electric Exhaust Fan
To reduce the amount of fixtures on your ceiling, and exhaust fan can be mounted to the dome of the skylight.
Skylight Safety Bars Safety Bars
Bars may be required on commercial situations if the skylight is large and on a trafficable roof. Not normally required for domestic applications.
Skylight Shade Control Shade Control Louvres
Control the amount of daylight coming through the skylight with these pull string operated louvres. Ideal for bedrooms and theatre rooms.
Skylight Electric Light Electric Light
Skylights can be illuminated at night by utilising electric light installed inside the skylight.